“We are aware that the first condition of living a quality life is a healthy life, and with this responsibility, we consider all our guests as members of our family.”

Etika Travel Health Turkey is a health tourism agency that offers treatment and service packages to international patients since 2012. Our primary concern is the health, safety and satisfaction of our patient.

Therefore, we do our best to provide the most successful and natural results. All of our operations are carried out in our own hospital or in leading hospitals / medical centers and specialist doctors in the field.

Etika Travel Health Turkey provides its patients with special treatment packages, accommodation, transfers, translators and medical consultations with its young and dynamic team. During your stay in Istanbul, you will be in safe hands, starting from meeting at the airport, until you are satisfied with the treatment you receive and ready to set off. We see it as an individual.

As a team, the aim is to follow every step before and after the operation in a controlled manner and to fulfill all possible needs and expectations of our patients by explaining what can and cannot be done during the treatment.