Fue Hair Transplant

Micro Fue Hair Transplantation is the process of making the hair loss area of ​​the person hairy using their own hair. Micro FUE is actually the process of taking grafts/follicular units (Follicular Unit=FU) one by one from the donor area, using a micromotor. There are many different techniques for the transfer of grafts taken (such as DHI Hair Transplantation or Micro-incision hair transplantation). Over time, this term has started to be used as the general name of the techniques transferred by making incisions.


Hair transplantation is one of the most applied aesthetic operations in recent years. Hair transplantation results of names such as David Beckham, Kevin Costner, Jürgen Klopp have been very successful, and they have become more known with the spread of the results of these famous names in the social media. Micro FUE hair transplantation is the latest and most applied technique in this field at the moment; It allows the transfer of thousands of hair grafts in the same session. The intake process takes 2.5-3.5 hours depending on the number to be taken and the patient. Compared to other methods, the Micro FUE method, called mega-session, allows the extraction of 4,500-5,000 grafts or more, and allows hair transplantation to be performed on people with hair loss in a large area.

Micro Fue Hair Transplantation is a hair transplant method that allows people with hair loss to regain their natural appearance. Micro FUE technique is applied by taking the hair follicles (graft) from the nape area or another part of the body and transferring them to the area with hair loss.

Is there pain during Micro Fue Hair Transplantation?

Micro Fue hair transplant operation is performed after local anesthesia. Although patients experience some pain according to their pain threshold during local anesthesia, hair transplantation is painless afterward. Sedation can also be applied to patients who are afraid and anxious about the local anesthesia procedure, if the doctors deem it appropriate. The process takes approximately 6 to 8 hours.

How many days does Micro Fue Hair Transplantation take?

Hair transplant surgery performed with the micro FUE method is a one-day procedure. Since the operation is performed with local anesthesia, it does not require hospitalization. After the procedure, the patients are checked and discharged on the same day. Sometimes, when deemed necessary and the patient is suitable, the procedure can be performed on two consecutive days.

Correct Determination of the Outflow Direction of Hair Roots

Generally, 2 different techniques are used in Hair Transplant operations. One of them is the FUT technique and the other is the Hair Transplantation methods with the FUE technique. The FUT technique, which is considered a traditional technique, is not preferred much today. Instead, the FUE technique, which has many advantages compared to the FUT technique, is much more preferred.

In FUE Hair Transplantation, it is generally performed by transferring hair follicles from the nape area, which is sensitive to shedding, to the area of ​​baldness on the scalp. The hair follicles taken to be transplanted from the nape area must be correctly separated according to their length and direction. It is very important that the hair follicles taken during this whole process are not damaged in any way. After the separation of the hair grafts taken for transplantation is completed, channels are started to be opened for the hair follicles in the area where baldness begins, that is, where the hair transplantation will be performed. The separated hair follicles are placed one by one into these opened channels. The most important stage of the Hair Transplantation process is in this part. A surgeon who is an expert in his field can achieve successful results that look natural without being obvious. Of course, for this, the front line of the hair, its density around the forehead and the direction of the hair follicle must be made correctly.


The reason why the hair follicles to be transplanted are taken from the nape area

The hair in the nape area does not fall out because it is insensitive to testosterone. Hair follicles in the nape area are preferred because they are insensitive to shedding. If the hair on the nape is shed or insufficient due to a different disease, then hair follicles can be taken from different parts of the body, such as the chest.

Advantages of Micro Fue Hair Transplantation

> It is the most effective method used for people who experience permanent hair loss due to genetic factors to have natural and healthy hair.

> When it is done by expert teams in the right clinic, the rate of successful results is high.

> After the local anesthesia procedure, the hair transplant procedure is painless.
> The healing process is fast.

> It is effective for the person to have natural-looking hair in the transplanted area.

> After the hair grows, the patients can also use their hair in the donor area as short.

After hair transplantation with Micro Fue Hair Transplantation method, the pain is very low. With the use of painkillers given in our clinic, the process is very comfortable.


After FUE Hair Transplantation

After FUE Hair Transplantation, the hair that comes out of the transplanted hair follicles is shed in an average of one month. This is a necessary and expected process in Hair Transplantation. After this shedding process, new hair grows in the transplanted hair follicles, to be permanent within 5 months.

According to the characteristics of the technique used, hair growth is achieved with an efficiency of approximately 90% of the transplanted hair follicles. The first wash is performed at the Hair Transplantation center, after which the patients are given detailed information on how to wash their hair.



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Treatment and care in our private hospital

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Treatment and care in our private hospital

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