Hair Transplant

Advantages of Hair Transplantation in Etika Travel Health Turkey:



Advantages of Hair Transplantation in Etika Travel Health Turkey:
• Etika Travel Health Turkey is the pioneer in hair transplantation in Turkey..
• Etika Travel Health Hair transplantation prices in Turkey are performed at one third of Europe’s prices.
• Hair transplantation in Etika Travel Health Turkey is performed with high quality standards.
• For the most natural hair transplant results, Etika Travel Health is obtained with hair transplant operations performed in Turkey.
• Etika Travel Health is the institution with the highest patient satisfaction in hair transplantation in Turkey.
• In Etika Travel Health Turkey, the latest techniques are used in hair transplantation.
• With the support of the patient for 1 year after the operation, the post-hair transplant process is followed very closely at Etika Travel Health Turkey. Hair transplantation, Hair has been an important factor for both men and women from past to present. Depending on whether the hair is sparse or thick, the self-confidence level of the person decreases or increases. In addition, a healthy hair has become a way to look attractive and strong to the opposite sex today. Therefore, hair loss, especially in recent years, also causes loss of self-confidence and some psychological problems.How is Hair Transplantation Performed?In the simplest sense, hair transplantation; It is the transfer of the hair collected from the donor area in the nape area to the thinned or bald areas. It is an operation performed by hair transplant doctors and technicians in the operating room, lasting between 6 and 8 hours on average. Combining today’s technology, hair transplantation can now offer easy and practical solutions to people with hair loss. People with hair loss can achieve the lush and voluminous hair of their dreams in a short time with hair transplantation.


Basic Stages of Hair Transplant

So what awaits you now?

We have gathered this process, which consists of 3 stages, under the title of “Basic Stages of Hair Transplantation”.

Preliminary Preparation Phase: We can call the pre-preparation phase the processes from entering the clinic door to starting the local anesthesia procedure. The following steps are followed sequentially.

  • Blood Test:The blood test, which is the step of the process, is the step performed to determine whether the patient has a disease that prevents the operation. The blood draw process will take a maximum of 1 minute, and your blood test result will be; you will have already left while listening to the process information presentation prepared by our doctors for you. After the presentation, you will learn your blood test result and continue your process from where you left off if there is no obstacle that will affect the process.
  • Hair Transplant Planning:In this meeting with your doctor who will be responsible for you; First of all, your expectations will be listened to. Then, based on your request, other alternatives that can be applied as to whether this expectation can be realized in line with technical knowledge or how much of it can be realized will be explained to you by your doctor both verbally and presented to you, our esteemed patients, with drawings. The common denominator where the patient and the doctor will meet will be the final version of your hair transplant design. After your design is realized, the distribution of these hairs to the regions will be determined based on the agreed number of purchases. Then, your hair is shaved and your side is prepared for local anesthesia. In the meantime, while your clothes are placed in the cupboards in your room, which are completely reserved for you, a patient’s apron is put on you.
    1. Local Anesthesia Procedure:Operations in Turkey are performed with local anesthesia. The patient is awake throughout the operation. While starting the local anesthesia procedure, which creates regional numbness, there is a possibility of experiencing a small burning sensation only in the first few injections, while the patient does not feel any pain during the rest of the procedure. Although the duration of action of local anesthesia differs for each patient, it takes about 15-20 minutes.
    2. Hair Transplantation Operation :Hair Transplantation operation consists of 3 main phases.
    • Retrieval Process:Grafts collected manually with the Manual Punch FUE Method in the past have been replaced by the Micromotor FUE Method with the advancement of technology. Retrieving with the Micro Motor FUE method, which is a much more advanced and new method, allows the first phase of the extraction process to take much more grafts in a single session and quickly. The extracted grafts are collected by means of a medical device called a pen-set, sorted into groups according to the amount of hair in the roots to be prepared for planting, and kept in a protective liquid so that the tissues can stay alive for as long as they are outside.
    • Canal Process :The important phase in hair transplantation is the channel opening process. It is a very important factor that will affect the naturalness of your hair transplant. The number of grafts collected during the acquisition phase also determines the number of channels to be opened. Before the canal opening process, local anesthesia is applied to the recipient area so that the patient does not feel pain. Since the angle and depth of the channels to be opened are a factor that will directly affect the naturalness of your result, it is of great importance that it be performed by specialist physicians. The naturalness of the result you will get after 1 year is directly related to this phase.
    • Sowing Process :After the completion of the first and second phases, the third and final phase of planting will begin. As the transplantation process may increase depending on the number of roots in the patient, it may differ depending on the general condition of the patient and the amount of bleeding. After the hair follicles are carefully placed in the canals, the operation is completed.

Your hair transplant was successful. Now it’s time for what you need to pay attention to after hair transplantation. After the hair transplantation process, you will need exactly 12-18 months for the transplanted hair to adapt to the area and to grow fully.

Especially the first 3 months will pass as a patience process where you will not see much about the result, on the contrary, the transplanted hair will also fall out. In the meantime, of course, some responsibilities fall on the patients.

Fifty percent of a successful transplantation process is the transplantation process, while the other half is a successful post-operative period. Smoking as little as possible, consuming natural and beneficial products, not using chemical shampoos, using vitamins and nourishing care products that support hair loss treatment will allow your hair to get stronger and grow in quality.

Let’s not forget that most of the dissatisfaction with the results of hair transplantation is due to the fact that the hair follicles that are not well taken care of after a successful transplantation do not grow. As with all aesthetic operations, post-operative care is very important for you to get the best results.

How many years does hair transplant last?

The hair transplant operation lasts between 6-8 hours and the patient comfortably waits for the operation to end without feeling any pain. After the hair transplant operation, patients fully recover in 10 days. With the hair transplantation application, the person’s own hair is permanently gained as if it has never been shed.



Treatment and care in our private hospital

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Treatment and care in our private hospital

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